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Jack goes MUI

AmigaOS 4.1.6 Lamborghini Aventador!
Welcome to another new blog. This blog is about the new Jack - the multi tool displaying time, date, calender, weather and a whole lot more, has now been made to make fully use of the MUI graphical interface!

So how does the new Jack works? Lets take a deep look on all of its' new features, shall we? Watch this!

After months of hard work for the author to create this new Jack, the multi tool is now finally available! There was actually a 4.0 version, but several reported some minor, annoying bugs, especially because the tool Push4Dock was recommened to be installed,
but here with version 4.0.1, Push4Dock is no longer recommened.

Deep into Jack

The new Jack fully embraises MUI!
The new Jack has undergone quite a facelift and change in functionality. No longer based on the custom design from earlier versions, Jack now fully embraises the MUI interface!

Most of you might know that Jack is developed with Hollywood programming language. It's an easy language with a lot of potensiality, even for people not fully educated into programming and coding.

Hollywood is not perfect. There are certain bugs and slowness in some operations, but these are improving in time. Even with this in mind, the new Jack appears a lot faster and stable than earlier versions, now that it uses MUI graphical interface! Just look at the photos!

Jack's Downloads Home Directory
MUIRoyale (often written MUI Royale for easier reading) is another important tool that has to be installed, because of the HWP Hollywood plugins Jack need in order to work.

MUIRoyale is a programming language tool for developers to program the MUI graphical interface, which explains how the new Jack is fully based on the graphical interface of MUI!

Not only does Jack now looks a lot more beautiful! It's also a lot faster than earlier versions, to not mention a lot more stable! This is just the beginning!

As you can see on the picture above here, a Home Directory has been installed on my HD2 partition, that is Diverse. My biggest partition of my 500GB SATA2 HDD. 

The Home Directory has to be installed to such a partition for Jack's Downloads of applications from the AppStore. A map for Configuration Files as well as User Files are also present in the Home Directory. In the last mentioned map, you find drawers for Documents, Downloads, Storage, Images, Music and Videos. Without the Home Directory on another partition, Jack will not work as supposed to. I have protected this directory from deletion, by UNTICKING the button for Delete in the Information section.

Jack's new Dashboard section!
The most noticeable change to the new MUI based Jack, is a Dashboard. It's a brand new feature i find very smart and powerful!

Seen on the screenshot right there, the Dashboard has quite a lot of features!

In the main window the Dashboard opens with, are connections to Jack's AppStore, AmigaOS Knowledge Base, File Manager, Capture Screen, AmigaOS Preferences, Calculator, Spell Checker, Search Computer, Set Weather Location, Currency Converter, Shell,  Filer, Dopus, NotePad, Get Pixel, Promote To Screen, ITunes Music Player and the Image Editor. Quite a lot of functions! I'm VERY impressed!

It should be noted that in order to be able to use features like Capture Screen, Filer and probably the Image Editor, you would need to donate for Jack to make full use of Jack. As well as being able to check for updates, send bug report, getting online help and to check Jack on Facebook, you can click Make Donation, that will opens a tab on your browser to direct you to the site where the donation will be made. Not everybody use or can use net bank or things like PayPal, so persons like myself would have to contact the author through private email and make an agreement for the donation that way. Not really a problem as long as both agree on the alternative method.

In the Applications Section is the option to start or add an application directly. It's some sort of an Application Launcher, instead of clicking your way through a lot of drawers and maps, only to find the application or game you want to start. So why make it complicated, when there is a launcher that will take you directly to the application or game you want to start? Now Jack can handle that for you as well! A very welcome addition!

On the Popular Sites section, you can click directly to popular Amiga sites without having to Google them for information. Very useful, i have to say!

In the About section, you get very useful information about Jack and what system it runs on. Another fine, important additional, making life easier!

Jack's AmigaOS Knowledge Base
Seen here is the AmigaOS Knowledge Base. It's very similar to the Assist program, with the option to watch or download video where allowed to.

The base is very useful to enrich the knowledge of certain AmigaOS programs and functions.

Another function is of course the AppStore, which is the short name of Application Store. Here you can download games and applications you want to, rate them and log into your AppStore as a registered user!

AppStore is very handy when you're tired of clicking your way to where different applications and games are stored normally. AppStore in Jack will take you directly to all the applications and games you might want to download!

Jack's impressive AppStore!
Another great functions are Search Computer and File Manager. You get a very easy and straightforward way of searching your drives and drawers for files on your Amiga computer! Not only that, but the tools look very beautiful and easy to understand, as seen on the photos for both tools.

Dopus is another smart feature of the new Jack. Unleashed from the Dashboard, you get quick access to Dopus, provided you have that installed into your system as well.

As a conclusion, the new Jack is undoubtly the best, fastest and most stable version yet! Choosing MUI as the graphical interface of Jack is a wise and smart move, which certainly has a huge, positive effect on Jack!

Translate your currency into other money!
MUI 4 (as already present in MorphOS) will arrive with AmigaOS 4.2. This new MUI will have a lot more configuration options than the present version of MUI in AmigaOS4, that is version 3.9. Most interesting!

With MUI 4, not only will it be easier to port MorphOS applications and games to AmigaOS4, but programs like Jack will be even better and easier to use, and even faster, too!

If you already loved Jack or are curious about Jack, get the latest version from, and install it by following the instructions carefully. Jack's Downloads (Home Directory) drawer must be installed on another partition where you want to keep alternative applications and tools, like my Diverse partition i mentioned. Without it, Jack won't work properly, so do NOT delete the Home Directory. Very important!

Make an event of a certain date
I'm very happy with the new Jack, and i have a lot of joy with it. Soon i will also donate to use the features like Filer and Capture Screen.

That's all about Jack. Lets take a look on Assist and SysMon, shall we?

In need of Assist

Assist is another useful application to have installed in your system. What is Assist, really? Allow me to explain.

Assist will help you explain Amiga stuffs
Assist is a cool, straightforward tool that will help you or any user with less Amiga knowledge, to explain Amiga's many different applications, functions and tools. Many of them with the option of downloading a YouTube video for better explaining.

Assist will be very useful to have installed on your system, as i have done. Quick, easy and well informed assistant. The photo speaks for itself.

Download Assist from or check it out from Jack's AppStore!

Last program to test out here is a new version of SysMon, seen below.

Monitoring your system

Monitor your system with SysMon!
SysMon is a powerful tool based on MUI, that allows the user to monitor the Amiga system. Everything from checking libraries and closing crashed programs without lockup, to checking system information of your Amiga, speed of your drives, spesifications and speed of your CPU and Amiga system in RageMem.

SysMon is a must-have to install in your system! Important and extremely useful. Very easy to use!

SysMon is also found on or easily downloaded from Jack's AppStore.

That's all from my blog this time. I'm very happy with my system and these applications. They certainly make you Amiga more modern and professional.

Enjoy the blog and the screenshots!

Written by:
Helge Kvalheim, Norway

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